Summer With a Hat That’s a Hit

October 06, 2022

We all know that summer in Australia can be harsh and so one of our staples for this time of year is the perfect hat. In the humidity and hot sun we experience we sway towards a raffia hat with a chic design and a wide brim. It’s light, comfortable, natural and doesn’t mind a bit of rough treatment.

Raffia comes from palm leaves and so has a long enduring fibre. This makes it ideal for tossing in the car, taking it down the beach and putting up with your every day wear and tear looking good. Being natural, raffia, if ethically sourced, is a sustainable material for making hats and is also compostable when you’ve worn out your hat. Choose a design that provides you with the sun protection you need, considering how you wear your hair and your summer wardrobe. Some raffia hats can be quite narrow brimmed and some can be oversize, providing much more shade with a little more overhang.

Hats of natural materials like raffia and straw pair well with other natural products, like linens and leathers, to create a comfortably luxurious feel and look through the summer months.

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