Our Commitment to the Planet

Echora was born from a search for clothing, homewares and body care products that had style and substance but were also designed and made with the utmost respect for our natural environment. For products like those that Echora sources for our customers, this means finding designs made from natural materials, manufactured in a responsible way by ethical suppliers, with a preference for local manufacture, design or supply.

We work to be an inspiration to our customers, suppliers and the community generally regarding environmental action. We have conducted comprehensive reviews of our selected products and suppliers for materials used, manufacturing location, transport, ownership and sustainability initiatives.

Our journey towards our ambitious target of Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2024 we hope will inspire and guide others around us.

Product Recycling

At echora sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We ensure our products are ethically made from sustainable materials and we are helping to pioneer circular fashion through our echora loop program.

Carbon Neutral

Echora is 100% Carbon Neutral. This means that the CO2 we generate from electricity, transport and events, and in a World's First, the CO2 produced by our people, is offset by way of restoring forests through our partner,  YepYou, an innovative Murwillumbah environmental conservation organisation.

Packaging & Waste

At echora we recognise the importance of reducing packaging and waste which is why all our packaging is made from recycled materials. We also find ways to reuse boxes and plastic wrap/bags that are unavoidable in the supply chain process. We also encourage our suppliers to undergo new sustainable practices as they become avaliable.

Ethical Manufacturing

We have handpicked vendors to create the echora collection that have ethical manufacturing as a top priority. Our vendors oversee the manufacturing process for the products we stock to ensure production takes place under ethical and fair work conditions.

Natural Materials

The echora collection has been curated with a variety of products that use the earth's natural materials in a sustainable and respectful way.

Inspiration to Others

We hope that our dedication to sustainability and our love for natural materials inspires you and others to take the "simply natural" approach. We hope to influence a change in the fashion and homewares industry by showcasing the popularity and necessity for products that respect and celebrate earth.