Why Linen is the Ultimate Fabric for Summer.

October 06, 2022

You may have heard people talk about linen sheets or noticed friends getting out their linen shirts when the temperature starts to rise in summer. There is good reason for that as linen performs better than cotton in a number of ways which help to make it more comfortable in heat and humidity.

Linen has microscopic fibres that are wider than cotton fibres, which means that less fabric is required for the same result. This creates the more open weave and slightly heavier feel of linen. The open weave feels great during summer as heat from your body is free to escape and cool breezes can pass through your clothes. The open weave also gives linen its relaxed and attractive drape.

Summer also brings wetter conditions, particularly as you head further north in Australia. From rain, swimming at the beach or lake, playing poolside or just perspiring in the heat. Linen has high moisture wicking and drying ability which keeps your skin dry and comfortable. This makes linen great for bedding during summer, or for a lightweight pool towel, or your go to beach shirt dress. 

As well as having ideal characteristics for your favourite summer activities, from the bed to the beach, linen, being a natural fabric with a low environmental footprint, is a great sustainable material. Designs for clothing or bedding or accessories are modern classics, oozing luxury and comfort at the same time. Linen is often seen in the colours of nature making this our favourite fabric to wear everyday during the spring and summer months.


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