Bambino Gypsy Oil Shimmer Set

$46.90 $67.00

The Gypsy Oil Set contains mini bottles of Lux Aestiva's signature shimmer oils so you can find the perfect glow every day! 


Designed for use on your whole body, Gypsy oil is specifically formulated to cleanse and restore skin to its natural state, promoting a healthy glow, even tone and smooth texture. 

~ Rose Quartz Gypsy Oil leaves the skin glistening with soft, peachy, golden pink tones. Best for light skin or for those wanting a very subtle shimmer.

~ Smoky Quartz Gypsy Oil leaves a cool, naturally rich, chocolatey tone. This colour will deepen fair skin and enrich the natural depth of medium to dark skin.

~ Tigers Eye Gypsy Oil glistens and leaves the skin looking golden and sunkissed. This colour is great on all skin tones.


~ Suitable for all skin types and ages 

~ Safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

~ Not suitable for those with nut allergies

~ We recommend performing a patch test prior to use


~ Clean skin to remove dirt, pollutants and product

~ Ensure skin is dry for best absorption

~ Shake the bottle to evenly distribute mica powder

~ Apply oil directly to skin and gently massage in using long strokes

~ Allow oil to fully penetrate (5 minutes) before dressing or applying makeup.

Mica powders are natural mineral colourings. They will ‘settle’ in the bottle. Shake your bottle prior to use to evenly distribute the powders before applying.

The Full Harvest 

Grapeseed Oil, Camellia Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Rosehip Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Bergamot Peel Oil, Neroli Blossom Oil, Patchouli Oil, with added mica powder for colour.