Botanical Cleanser - 50ml


This Cleasing Oil plus water and a cloth are the simple essentials to cleanse, exfoliate, and  moisturise.

This gentle oil cleanser contains nurturing botanical oils to retain the skin's natural moisture balance. 

This moisturising cleanser conditions the skin to feel supple, purified and hydrated.

How to use:    

Great for use in the shower.

Wet a small portion of a cloth with water.

Apply 2-3 pumps into your palms and massage your face and neck in a circular motion for about 30 seconds to a minute.  

Gently massage the face, neck and back of the neck with the moistened cloth. 

Wash gently 

Add warm water to your face cloth and gently remove the cleanser.

Repeat with cold water for a skin tonifying and revitalising effect.

After cleansing, you probably might not feel like you need and extra layer of moisturiser but in a cold winter day or after being in the sun, if your skin feels thirsty you can  add a few drops of Recovery Serum to your fingertips and massage into the face and neck. If your skin feels extra thirsty, layer a pea size amount of Face Moisturiser ( for the day) or Rescue Balm( for the night): they all blend beautifully together.


Macadamia integrifolia( Macadamia) oil, Persea gratissima( Avocado) oil, Camellia oleifera( Camellia) oil, Prunus americana( Apricot) kernel oil, Calophyllum inophyllum( Tamanu) oil, Essential oils: Jasminum officinalis, Viola odorata, Michelia alba, Tanacetum annum, Citrus limonium.