Jade Crystal Face Roller

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Create some peace at any moment with this hand-carved Jade Crystal Face Roller. Inspired by traditional Chinese healing rituals, the simple act of rolling the jade on the face reduces puffiness while calming and tightening the skin. Revel in the enchanting coolness as it invites peace and tranquility into your day.

Each Jade Crystal roller is hand carved from authentic Jade crystal. Rollers may vary between 4-6cm width, and range from 12-20cm long.  Due to the handmade nature of each product, rollers will vary in size, weight and colour. The ratio of white to green jade will also vary, though the colour does not indicate a difference in quality or purity of Jade used. 

~ Cleanse the skin and apply a serum or oil

~ Using gentle pressure, use the Jade Roller to roll one side of your face at a time from center outward

~ Pass over the same section of your face 3-4 times always moving from the center of your face outward 

 ~ When you need to return the roller to the starting point, pick it up and place it back at the start (Don't roll backwards).