Whole Lotta Love



'A blend of sweet tart berry with a hint of warm spice'

'Hibiscus baby rosella rosehip star anise'

‘Whole lotta love’ is a mood lifting herbal tea that
delivers an extra boost amidst the daily flow!

Delicious and vibrant in flavour, this handcrafted brew
is filled with vitamin c and antioxidants.

hot - 1 tsp + 1 cup boiling water, infuse 2 - 5 min and strain

cold - infuse 1 tbsp in 1 litre water overnight and strain.

Herbalist‘s tip: keep handy for the afternoon slump,
when the day is starting to drag on.

Store your brew in thermo bottle to take along for the ride.

Consciously formulated using premium organic ingredients in Australia by herbalist Ash Hill

Resealable 20g Bag (10 serves)