Wild Clay Cup / Vase

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Our collection of Wild Clay Cups and Vase have been handcrafted by Mel Cox from Mazey Studio in Tweed Heads using reclaimed clay and mud left over by the 2022 Northern Rivers Floods. 


From Mazey Studio...

"These cups and vase are our homage to the devastating Northern NSW floods of 2022. We hope that it can help us all remember that even in a tragic disaster we need to help each other move forward and find beauty again.

Although what we experienced was no where near the devastation that others experienced, it’s our part of the story to tell.

After a small landslide cut off access to our property and our neighbours, we began shovelling as much mud and clay as we could, we took a moment to collect a small amount before a neighbour came with an excavator to quickly clear the road.

We took the year to dry, process and rehydrate the clay before finding an elegant way to incorporate it into useful ceramic wares that we want to use every day.

The white clay that contrasts beautifully against the wild clay is similar to porcelain. Each piece is glazed on the interior with our carefully curated white speckle glaze.

The exterior is sealed with a product called Liquid Quartz which is a food safe, permeating sealer designed for use on unglazed ceramic ware, rendering it waterproof, stain resistant, & yet completely unchanged in appearance.

The marbling will differ piece to piece, as each item is handmade and can not be identically replicated. A lot of the beauty of these pieces is that no two will be the exact same."



Vase measurements:

  • (HxW at top of opening) 24.5 x 14.5 cm

Small cups dimensions:

  • (HxW) 8 x 8.5 cm

  • (Volume) 270ml

Large cup Dimensions:

  • (HxW) 10.5 x 9 cm

  • (Volume) 450 ml